Jason Mendelson on Sustaining and Nurturing a Startup Ecosystem

By Amanda Lewan on February 27th, 2014 / Comments

What’s the state of Michigan’s startup community? How can we learn from other cities and foster entrepreneurship?

Across the state we have exciting activity, whether it’s funding ideas in Grand Rapids, or growing a tech ecosystem in Ann Arbor. We still haven’t grown to a size that many can see the energy happening just yet.

When we talk about startup communities, it’s hard not to think about the example of what’s happened in places like Colorado where leaders like Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson helped grow a community from the ground up.

Next month you can catch Jason Mendelson of the Foundry Group, a hugely successful VC fund investing in early-stage startups in Colorado, here in Michigan. Mendelson is a Metro Detroit native returning to share his passion for growing our startup communities in Michigan.

Today is the last day to catch early registration for the upcoming Xconomy Xchange event. Check it out and share with us your ideas for growing Michigan’s startup community.

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