Innovative Solutions: Christina Bellas Creates Make-Cup®

By Yvelette Stines on December 2nd, 2016 / Comments

Ladies, have you ever wished that you could have your makeup all in one place at your fingertips while you are on the go? No searching for your eyeliner, no worries that your powder will spill in your purse, luggage, or makeup kit. Just quick and easy access perfectly tucked away in a stylish container. If so, your wish has come true. We have Christina Bellas the founder and CEO of Make-Cup to thank for that. She created a solution to a problem many women have experienced.

Her gift of innovation started early. “I was always a creative person. My dad and I always shared ideas and would talk about solutions.” Her career was also creative and solution driven. Bellas was a custom clothing designer for casinos, hotels, restaurants, and the hospitality business.  She was deeply involved in this industry in the Mid-West. “That is why I was successful because you have to use function. Where function meets fashion as they say. I had to solve the problem of how do you keep a cocktail waitress functional all day, how do you keep a hotel concierge looking good and not overheating,” she explains. Excelling in the industry her title changed to Image Maker. “I did sales and designed solutions around problems that were found in everyday use of uniforms.”

With a strong background in design, creativity, and problem solving, Bellas saw another problem that women face daily and created a solution.  She wanted to find a way to take her makeup on her vanity with her everywhere but in an organized way where everything would be easy accessible and at her fingertips.  As she would freshen up at work or between meetings, it was a struggle to keep everything conveniently in one place. Bellas figured out the solution.

“I designed something that solved the problem of how we carry cosmetics.” The Make-Cup is like a “vanity cup with a lid. It has two levels and a magnetic floor. The design is streamlined and easy. The levels swivel out and there are magnetic refillable palettes so you can customize it. You can also store your brushes underneath,” Bellas explains. The cup saves time, money, and space. The material is environmentally friendly and made from vegetable oil. “I wanted something that you can’t break and a product that will last for a lifetime,” she says.

With a product that is needed by many, in true entrepreneurial spirit she humbly explains “I applied the solution to the product and designed something that solved the problem. Entrepreneurs are people who have the desire to find solutions to problems,” she says.  Bellas is also proud to have her business in ran and manufactured in Michigan. “I’ve always been intrigued by the talent we have in our state, from manufactures to engineers we are creative people and we make things here,” she says.

There is a lot in store for Bellas and her Make-Cup. She is also happy to see her idea come to fruition. For entrepreneurs out there she shares the following advice. “Trust yourself you know more than you thank you do.”

You can find the product online at and a number of local pop-up shops through the holidays.

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