Innovation Takes Over Detroit This Fall

By Amanda Lewan on August 15th, 2014 / Comments

Before you know it Fall will arrive in Michigan bringing with it football and cider and pure Michigan colors across the state.

But in Metro Detroit the arrival of the season will also bring so many events for Michigan entrepreneurs and innovators that you’ll head into Winter full of insight and inspiration. We can’t wait for it.

Here are five events you won’t want to miss. Topics will cover innovation, entrepreneurship, and the importance of re-thinking Metro Detroit’s urban core.

1. Techonomy Detroit, September 16th – Many of our readers have probably already attended one of Techonomy’s annual events. The conference is typically packed full of great speakers and hosted at Wayne State University. It usually focuses on technology and the impact on our economy. Past speakers have included Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans. This year’s Techonomy event will take place September 15th and 16th. This year’s speaker line-up also looks good, and topics will cover the sharing economy, technology and urban development, and brand building.

2. NewCo Detroit,  September 18th – For the second year in a row companies in Detroit will open their doors to visitors for an event called NewCo. NewCo was formally called OpenCo last year and the event was created to get people out of conference rooms and into places of business. It was a fun event last year and we’re excited to participate with Bamboo Detroit. Over 1,000 people attended and on the participating business list you’ll see many homes for entrepreneurs and innovators. Definely get out and explore NewCo this year.

3. TEDx Detroit, September 30th – TEDx, the national branded conference that hosts short ted talks focusing on ideas, will convene again in Detroit in September. It’s a classic event to check out that usually features many entrepreneurs and thought leaders. This year’s theme is “reinvention” a timely narrative to explore as the city of Detroit looks to leave Bankruptcy in tact and ready to reinvent. Speakers have not been announced but are usually made of up leaders in the Detroit area.

4. Meeting of the Minds, September 30th – October 2nd –  Meeting of the Minds looks to tackle innovation set in the challenges of Detroit’s urban core. The conference will take place at College for Creative studies and will bring together over 350 invited leaders from more than a dozen countries representing public, private, and non-profit sectors. With Detroit’s decline from the Industrial Age, and the swell of entrepreneurship happening in the city, we imagine this would event will have some awesome takeaways for those working to re-think and re-tool Detroit for a stronger, new economy.

5. Brand Camp Summit, October 16th- 23rd – Detroit’s annual brand camp conference typically attracts over 300 innovators and entrepreneurs. This year it looks like the Founder Hajj Flemings is expanding it into a week long of events along focusing on making tech available to all people. According to the website, the event is described as having an agenda to “Birth Detroit’s inclusive startup ecosystem.” It looks like a timely and important topic for such a diverse and changing city.

Are you feeling inspired yet? If you haven’t been to any of these conferences I would check out as many as you can. Fall is one of the best times for networking and attending conferences in Metro Detroit.

Which events will you be attending?

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