In The Wise Words of Yoda

By Michael Mefli on September 3rd, 2016 / Comments

“Do or do not. There is no try.” ~ Yoda

We all do it in our normal course of the day . . .

“I will try to get it done before the end of the day.”

“I am trying to build a company that does changes the world.”

“I am going to try and finish the project before the end of the week.”

“I am trying to get funding to grow our business.”

Maybe this is not you, but are you going to “try something new to eat for dinner.”

It’s common to use the word “try” as a crutch in our daily language. Most of us use the word “try” as a habit, not really thinking about its use, let alone the psychology behind the word. As an entrepreneur seeking to create value for key stakeholders in your business, the focus needs to be on actual, measureable results in line with the desired outcomes. There is no use in trying to create results, as the key stakeholders will not find value in trying, rather they are looking for results that can be quantifiable in the measurements that are important to them.

Here’s something to consider when using the word try: when you try, you’re not really doing; rather, you’re hoping something will work. It’s more like testing something to see how it will turn out, to see if it feels good along the process and if it will ultimately benefit you. It keeps you safe from failure, as you can easily detach and try something else without feeling too vested in the event if it does not work out. When you use try, there is no commitment, no internal focus on the outcome and the results are not important to you. As an entrepreneur that is a recipe for disaster.

When you do (or be) versus try, you’re putting yourself mentally in a much stronger position to succeed with intention and expectation. You are not trying, you are creating, developing, doing and completing things. As you become more mindful of the action words you use, you will see how they impact your outcomes and how people respond to you. When you use ‘doing’ words, your own internal commitment kicks in. This is a critical aspect for the psychology of an entrepreneur.

Ultimately, “trying” to do something keeps you away from what you want, because trying is not grounded in commitment or belief that it will happen. As an entrepreneur, you will miss the target for creating value if you are always trying to create results and trying to make things happen.

While these three letters are may seem trivial in nature, in actuality this slight pivot will reflect clarity and decisiveness, propelling you forward with momentum. Remember Yoda’s wise words and keep this thought as you go about your day: you either do or you don’t do.

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Michael Mefli

Michael Mefli

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