In June You Can Pitch to Steve Case for $100,000

By Amanda Lewan on May 26th, 2014 / Comments

Billionaire Steve Case is on a mission to inspire and support tech entrepreneurs across the country.

He calls this mission the “Rise of the Rest” and rightfully so. With the talent and and momentum Silicon Valley has built up, there’s no reason they can’t travel to share valuable expertise and support for other cities.

We’ve covered before that Michigan looks ready for great tech and startup growth. Now you can have your chance to pitch to Steve Case. On June 24th in Detroit, there will be a fireside chat with Steve Case and Billionaire and local Founder of Quicken Loans Dan Gilbert. The two will chat about Detroit’s startup ecosystem, followed by a pitch competition and then a happy hour.

Startups can enter to have their chance to pitch for $100,000 angel investment from Steve Case. Go ahead and sign up today, we can expect it will fill up fast.

Learn more about the Rise of the Rest journey, expected to hit Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Nashville this month. We’ll tweet the event and share ideas for how Michigan can continue to be a part of the #RiseofRest. 

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