Ideas To Action Competition Will Give $250,000 In Tech Help

By Amanda Lewan on July 15th, 2014 / Comments

Startups in need of tech support or talent this may be a great opportunity for you.

Versicor, a Royal Oak based engineering services company, has launched an “Ideas to Action” contest designed to help support tech entrepreneurs transforming their clean tech, automotive, and medical device product ideas into marketable inventions. Winners can receive up to $250,000 worth of electronics, controls and software development services.

“We know engineering resources and funding can be scarce in any industry, and that’s where Versicor’s Ideas to Action award comes in,” said Gloria Hess of Versicor.

The company is a startup themselves, launching about two years ago. The team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers are convinced that innovation should be easier and together formed a company to help solve product development processes for different industries. They hope to help that culture of innovation spread in Michigan.

“Our goal is to break down the barriers for easier access to innovation and level the playing field by offering a unique hardware and software platform that decreases the time spent on product development,” said Gloria.

Currently the company has several of their own products up online that you can view called Electronic Control Modules (ECMS). These enable a model-based control system development tool that allow engineers to quickly create sofware within  Simulink®. Learn more about the company and check out their products and services here.

Startups can apply now for the chance to receive $250,000 in services. Applications are Due August 15th.

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