Hurricane Sandy Inspires This New “Driver Buddy”

By Lauren Ebelt on February 4th, 2014 / Comments

Hurricane Sandy struck the eastern coast of the United States in late October 2012. Amongst the crews working in the wreckage of the storm were Ray Lark and Shawn Ryan, dispatching fuel response of over 250 trucks – using nothing more than an iPhone.

Both Lark and Ryan were no strangers to fuel distribution, particularly the laborious task of managing the fleet. “Dispatchers on our team would have three or more applications open at any time just to answer the simple question of where are your drivers?’” Ryan said. “The software could not handle the entire process.”

And so, the team with over 30 years experience in bringing innovative technology into their operations created Driver Buddy.

Driver Buddy is essentially a one-stop-shop for telematics and operations – allowing companies to dispatch drivers, track assets and connect their personnel to the home office. Additionally, the technology captures documents in the field, runs an industry-leading e-auction and e-sourcing platform, and allows customers visibility to orders all on the same screen. It is a comprehensive technology flexible enough for transportation, service and blended companies.

You can hold this all in the palm of your hand. Driver Buddy operates with either a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection.

“From the moment an order is received by your customer service team, to when payment is received from your customer, the Driver Buddy provides visibility,” said Ryan, Chief Technology Officer of Driver Buddy. “It doesn’t matter if your team consists of one person or a fifty-person call center in Omaha: the system grows with you and provides the same benefits regardless of size.”

The beauty of the technology is that it operates expertly both in the field, and in the office – a main priority for Lark and Ryan. The software was built on a proprietary enterprise-level data structure that supports the business process from order to cash.

“[Driver Buddy] had to be able to adapt on the fly to the way that customers use the system,” Ryan added.

But Driver Buddy does more than just work with you; it also saves your complete orders, documents, and notes for up to seven years on the Driver Buddy Cloud, available for download by subscribers at any time.

“We felt strongly that companies were demanding a platform that worked when and where they worked … from anywhere, at any time,” CEO Ray Lark said.  “We are confident there is nothing out there that competes with Driver Buddy on features, price, and ease of use.”

Driver Buddy may be just a vital key to helping combat emergency fuel situations in the future.

The company is currently headquartered in Northville, MI. Check out Driver Buddy online to learn more about their new technology.

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