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By Mayra Monroy on October 26th, 2015 / Comments

The IT industry is always booming, drawing jobs and creating innovation in strides. Collective Idea, located in Holland, Michigan, has expanded and continues to grow the Midwest tech industry.

The ten year old company specializes in mobile and web software development for a variety of clients.  The company builds web applications, mobile applications and other tech for startups, midsize or large companies.

“We’re problem solvers, we solve real problems for real people,” says Daniel Morrison, founder of Collective Idea. “Tech and software is a booming industry right now… every company needs software. We’re carrying around phones and watches that need software. Our cars now are connected to the internet all the time. Everything in our world is connected. We need people that can write all of it. It’s a huge area of growth. Software is not going away.”

In 2015, Collective Idea hired eight new software engineers, including three women. Between the three, 25 collected years of “business, technology and development experience to the Collective Idea team.” This expansion not only brought jobs and attention to Midwest tech, but the importance of women in the industry.

“[The tech industry] is missing half the population,” explains Morrison. “The more diverse…the better we’ll be.”

Collective Idea prides itself on providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for up and coming software developers.

“Michigan has an amazing technology ecosystem, but it mostly flies under the radar. We have a work ethic that values action and collaboration over hype,” said Morrison in a release. “Collective Idea’s developers aren’t just employees, they are entrepreneurial people from across the country who are passionate about designing, creating, launching, and maintaining software that solves real problems for real people.”

Despite the 47% expansion from this past year, Collective Idea is deliberately taking its time. The company wants to take advantage of the growing industry and the growing market of people. The sustainable plan that Morrison and his team calls for bringing more light into the endless possibilities in West Michigan.

Alongside the remarkable women that have joined the team at Collective Idea, is the founder of Ars Technica, a leading tech news website. Drawn to the amazing abilities and record of the team members of Collective Idea, Jon Stokes cites the company’s innovation in the industry and in its employees as a reason to work at Collective Idea.

For more information on Collective Idea and its team members, visit them at www.collectiveidea.com.

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