Grubbable Brings New way to Eat Local in Detroit

By Mayra Monroy on May 21st, 2015 / Comments

With a unique local restaurant taste taking over the market, Mike Feng and his associates at Grubbable are bringing the menu to you. Their seamless idea has taken off with core values that help your taste buds and also your local economy.

“It began with a simple desire of identifying the best local food restaurants around the city,” says Feng, co-founder of Grubbable. “What began as a restaurant listing website transformed into a mission to convert people into local food advocates—to transform the concept of everyday eating into a means to accomplish the goal of growing the community—to eat with purpose.”

Grubbable is helping those who love local, by bringing you over 70 restaurants in the Detroit area who specifically serve locally grown or locally imported ingredients through their mobile app. Their aim is to help support the small business scene as well as environmental sustainability. With a service that caters to the foodies everywhere, its Grubbable’s mission to provide a service that Detroit loves, with loyalty to its residents and advocates.

“We wanted to give people an excuse to be extremely loyal to restaurants that were doing good in the community by purchasing local foods,” explains Feng. “We also wanted to address the price barrier that often inhibited skeptics of frugal spenders from trying out local foods and being sold on knowing that local food is worth the price.”

Grubbable operates on five core values, listed on their website as making partners, not clients; delivering exceptional value; fostering a work-life balance; doing business with integrity; and giving sustainabily and responsibly. Grubbable is also giving back to their community, “partnering with 10 amazing non-profits in the city who are doing amazing work,” and advocating for a “green” Detroit.

“Allowing customers the opportunity to save money every time they dine at a network restaurant is something that is not only attractive to them, but also to the restaurant, who will be seeing an increase in loyalty of Grubbable-network members at their establishment,” says Feng.

You can expect to see Grubbable expand its market in the future. With their app currently in the beta stage, a paid final version is expected to launch this June.

“For me, it’s that we are truly pushing a product that is meant to bless everyone involved. It’s an integrity issue and we believe we are doing it the right way,” says Feng. “We desire to create partnerships with restaurants, not suspicious business-client relationships, and to educate the community on a service that is truly valuable to them and to their city.”

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