Growing Michigan Love Through Clothing

By Noelle Sciarini on October 21st, 2013 / Comments

There’s been a trend lately that’s focused on the awesome love Michigan residents have for their hometown, whether it’s Pure Michigan, the Awesome Mitten’s stories, or clothing lines popping up. Paul Marcial from Ink Detroit launched a new brand fit for this growing audience.

His company’s new venture: I Love Michigan shop.

Ink Detroit has created their own style for Detroit themed clothing, and released a new sports lined “Welcome to the Jungle” Lions and Tigers designs that have been getting a lot of awesome feedback. The expansion serves this growing audience for Michigan love.

“We launched it this spring. It’s similar to Ink Detroit in regards to positivity and pride in your hometown/state. Ink Detroit has a little more swagger than the I Love Michigan brand, and the Michigan line has an Up North, laid-back feeling to it,” said founder Paul Marcial.

There are over 100 products already on this new line that you can find online at Expect to see the line in stores throughout the state by Memorial Day weekend, possibly earlier. You can also expect to see skateboards, “I Love MI Beer” t-shirts and other products launching soon.

Visit Ink Detroit and I Love Michigan for more information or to pick up some great products!

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