Grandfather Teams Up With Granddaughter to Create Oppos Clothing Line

By Lauren Ebelt on March 26th, 2014 / Comments

Partially based in Roseville, Mich. is a unique company literally designed to give young girls their own personal sense of style. OPPOS — the name behind mix and match leggings, shirts and headbands — allows girls to style themselves “one leg at a time.”

OPPOS is the brain-child of Tom Ervin and Shelly Clinton. OPPOS is Ervin’s favorite startup of many, and that may just have to do with the way that OPPOS began: with a simple suggestion from his granddaughter, Josie.

Josie initially suggested the idea to Ervin about a new line of leggings that could be personalized to the wearer. Josie and her friends love to mix and match socks and mittens, and the new line would bring their design flair one step further. It was also Josie who came up with the name for the company, OPPOS, short for opposites.

oppos line
oppos line.

Shortly after, Josie’s mom, Kristin, reached out to a friend who had experience in textile and apparel design. Shelly Clinton came into the mix to design the leggings and work with a team in Los Angeles, Calif., and now also in Rosevile, to create the product.

In total, 48 combinations of the leggings can be created, with playful and bold prints on the right leg, and solid colors on the left. Combining the two are soft, separating nylon coil zippers.

That’s not all — the company also currently offers one top in four colors and ten reversible headbands. Some of their more popular items include the paint splash and galaxy prints, as well as the pink, royal and turquoise solid color. Let your sense of style be your guide as you “pick a model” on OPPOS’ website, and then dress your girl to your heart’s content.

OPPOS specializes in offering a wide selection of combinations to suit every girl. Josie’s personal favorite combination? The zebra print paired with a solid red leg!

Starting a new company simply isn’t enough for Ervin and Clinton — they are already imagining up more looks and designs for their clients. Coming down the pipeline is a legging line for Junior sizes, capri leggings and a spirit-wear collection.

Stay tuned, but don’t forget to check out OPPOS website where you can pick, zip and be you. After all, who said both legs had to look alike? You can access and order off the website here:

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