Golfler Brings On Demand Delivery to the Golf Course

By Amanda Lewan on August 22nd, 2015 / Comments

Detroit now has a simpler solution to make the game of golf more fun. Golfler, a new app providing on-demand delivery and real time updates for the golf courses, just launched their mobile app in Detroit.

President and CLO Jason Pearsall grew up on the golf course. Born into a golfing family, he always loved the game. As he grew up he also discovered his loved for technology too. Pearsall went to law school and practiced for several years before the idea to invent an app came to him.

“Now I’m able to combine the things I love golf, technology, and law all into one job,” he said. He started the company this past February and now has a live app being used on several Detroit area golf courses including Rackham in Huntington Woods and Chandler Park in Detroit. The on-demand food and beverage delivery service is unique, and the company charges just $0.99 for the course and the customer per order. 

“Golf courses generally have attendants on the course. But there’s usually only one of them and it takes time to find the attendant,” He said. “This allows you to order whatever you want, pay with your card, and be identified easily as your location changes.”

Not only does the mobile app help deliver drinks and food straight to your location, updated during the game using GPS, it also provides you with information to make your game better. Pearsall says the app aims to help you maximize your potential on the course.

“Our app allows you to clock the show and determine how far your distances are. Some other apps have range finders, but we think ours is stronger,” he said. “We built in a 3D feature that gives you a better view.”

You can also see other scores posted in real-time on the field playing with you, an hourly weather forecast, and updates on how long games are going per course. As technology to help improve players’ distances has gotten better, Pearsall says the golf courses have also became longer. One pain many experience is when beginning players on the field slow others down. With the app the golf course can be notified when a bottle neck might be occurring.

Is the trend of on-demand taking over Metro Detroit? Just this summer we’ve seen the arrival of Chicago startup Drvy providing on-demand dry cleaning services, and the on-demand lawn care company LawnGuru.

The Golfler on-demand app is free to download and try out. Check it out here and let us know if you use it in your next game!

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