Global Alliance Solutions is Bringing Awareness with Diversity & Inclusion

By Yvelette Stines on August 3rd, 2017 / Comments

When Nikki Pardo, started her company, Global Alliance Solutions, it came from a place of personal passion and to bring awareness to diversity and inclusion. Pardo experienced discrimination in the workplace first hand, and she knew that something had to change. She also knew that she never wanted to go through the experience again or see others go through what she had to encounter. As a leader and innovator, she created the change that she wanted to see in the world.

During the time Pardo was studying to complete her MBA she created a fictitious diversity training and consulting company for her capstone. The idea came full circle. She took this project, put it into practice, and opened her business Global Alliance Solutions. Her company is a diversity training and consulting firm that opened its doors in 2015. The company has grown tremendously in two years. “I’ve hit my mark on training in the areas of non-profit, corporate, law enforcement, and school districts. These were all the areas that I was determined was going to be a niche for me,” says Pardo. She has also traveled out of state to places such as Birmingham, Alabama, Chicago, and New Orleans to conduct her trainings.

When participants experience a training, it is an experience. “My trainings are extremely interactive. It is not lecture based, I am not just talking about how wonderful diversity is. I create an experience and that is what I take pride in. I take a deep dive with unconscious bias and I have simulations, small group, and whole group activities. My trainings are very interactive,” she explains.

The response of her trainings are positive. “I worked with a company and they were so receptive that they didn’t want me to leave, they couldn’t get enough. There was tension in the company, the training gave participants a voice to share how they were being treated,” explains Pardo.

Already making a strong impact, Pardo is looking to create more awareness. She was recently Michigan Standard on Law Enforcement Standard Certified. With this certification, she “wants to train law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Michigan.” Pardo would also like to expand in more school districts and conduct trainings in more states. Her work is essential when it comes to bringing awareness to diversity and inclusion to the workplace. “I am trying to normalize unconscious bias and microaggressions where it is not your fault. This is inbred in us as a people. My advice is to invest for trainings. You would rather pay upfront for a training on the front end than cut a check in a form of a settlement on the back end.”

She is proud to have her business in Detroit. “This is where my roots are, I feel like I owe it to the city. My family migrated here from the south, my office is in Southwest Detroit and I lived there during grad school,” she explains. With her loyalty to the city, she wants to bring awareness to the changes that are happening. “I want everyone to have an even playing field to resources and capitol,” she says. With Detroit changing it is important “that we don’t forget about the businesses that were loyal during the recession and post-recession. We need to be loyal to them because they stuck it out because they believed in Detroit.”

As an entrepreneur who also believes in Detroit Pardo shares the following advice. “With entrepreneurship, it is important to be flexible and know that you might have written your business plan in 2017 but be willing to accept in 2018-2019 your business can look totally different. Just like Detroit is changing, we have to be flexible and change.”

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