Global Alliance Solutions Creates Diversity Training in Detroit

By Yvelette Stines on April 19th, 2015 / Comments

It was that moment as Nichole Pardo, CEO and Founder of Global Alliance Solutions, walked out of the Federal Building that her life changed. She also knew at that moment she was going to change the life of others. At the time, Pardo was going through an EEOC discrimination charge based on her age and race. As she boldly wrapped up the settlement, there was struggle and pain but she knew there was a purpose behind it all.

Nichole Padro
Nichole Pardo

“After this discrimination case, I knew that I wouldn’t  have a job. I also knew that I never wanted to go through this again or see others go through what I had to encounter,” she reminisces.

Then the idea came to fruition. Pardo looked at her diversity training consulting company that she created for her MBA program and took it off the shelf.  As she reviewed the contents, she realized it was time to put it into practice. “When I brought life into this again, it really took on a life all its own,” she says.

Before starting her own diversity training and crisis management firm, Pardo worked for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights for eight years as an investigator and diversity trainer where she investigated many diversity cases and the main complaints were age, sex, and race. With that experience under her belt, she had tools to create her own diversity training firm. Global Alliance Solutions is a company that educates employers on ways to prevent anti-discrimination law suit, EEOC violations, and grievances. The company conducts conflict resolution training as well as crisis management plans for those who have made civil rights violations.

When a client signs on with Global Alliance Solutions, it is a unique training that is customized to meet the needs of the client. Global Alliance Solutions works with many clients including Vardar Soccer Club, Oakland Community College, Congress of Communities, and the Detroit Branch of NAACP, just to name a few.

“I do an hour of free assessment  and a very interactive diversity training that includes but not limited to unconscious bias in the work place and EEOC compliance for management. Once the training is complete, I do a post evaluation three to six months after the training,” she continues.  During the sessions she says “there is a lot of raw conversation because the trainings are so interactive.  It is an experience and I enjoy seeing the connections that happens between people, it really opens up perspective.

Pardo is happy to work in Detroit and sees the need for diversity training with the revitalization and globalization of international companies emerging in the city. She is also excited that she has the tools to become the change agent in the city when it comes to diversity.

With a growing business and busy schedule, Pardo offers other entrepreneurs to create a strong support system and to find your niche and prefect it. “Find your passion, cultivate it, know your strengths, know when to delegate, and stay in your lane,” she says.

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