Geek Group Receives $220,000 Grant for Upgrades

By Amanda Lewan on January 15th, 2015 / Comments

The Geek Group in Grand Rapids is getting some new upgrade, thanks to a $220,000 grant by the Michigan Energy Office.

The organization is a home for all things Geeky in Grand Rapids, a very large 43,000 sq. foot home that could use a little bit of caring and love. The space is a really unique makerspace for all community members. Membership here grants you access to their state of the art prototyping and manufacturing equipment, science labs, digital equipment and more.

The project is estimated to cost a total of $473,000 and will help the organization replace entryways and windows along Leonard Street, replace the roof, and add a new energy efficient HVAC system.  All together the changes will improve the environmental impact of the facility, helping double the number of individuals to be assisted by the organization.

“We are pleased to partner with The Geek Group to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and contribute to neighborhood vitality through facility investments that create jobs,” said Robert Jackson, Director, Michigan Energy Office.

The makerspace first started by building a community of science enthusiasts in the 1900’s. Since then they’ve opened up their doors to grow a membership made of both nearby Grand Rapid’s residents and a large online community. The claim to have over 60% women makers in the space, and members of all ages and all backgrounds. Their online membership now consists of over 26,000 people from around the world. Long distant members have access to original instructional videos and live demonstrations through their live internet broadcast channel.

What else could you need for a geeky home and a growing community? It’s great to see The Geek Group receive help to continue grow in Grand Rapids.

Learn more about the group by visiting them online at or attend one of their free public tours which occur every Saturday starting at 12:30 p.m.


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