Funderbuilt offers Tools and a New Crowdfunding Platform

By Lauren Ebelt on July 25th, 2014 / Comments

Crowdfunding opportunities are not a novel ideayou may have heard of Kickstarter or GoFundMe, other popular online crowdfunding sites. Essentially, a crowdfunding opportunity constitutes raising small amounts of money with lots of people. What makes the newly launched Michigan-based Funderbuilt different is the reward for the idea owners.

With Funderbuilt their fee is never more than $250 (or 5% of the funding total, whichever is less), meaning that project owners get to keep more money from their idea. Sounds great, right? It gets better.

In addition to smaller fees and potentially larger rewards for their customers, Funderbuilt also has a portal called the FunderFactor, which helps to gauge the progress and the success of the project so far. Funderbuilt also provides other tools for their clients in their Funderbuilt Toolbox upon beginning their fundraising.

Based in southeast Michigan, this company works with project owners to connect with donors, contributors and investors who will help them fund their dream,” according to a recent press release from the company. All types of projects are welcome including your next creative project, business venture, or charity cause. 

Our goal is to attract the best projects and the best funding sources and put those two groups togetherthats where the magic happens,Funderbuilts chief marketing officer, David Moncur, said in the press release.

Funderbuilt has fans not only in their home state, but in neighboring Ohio as well. A branch of Fifth-Third Bank in Cincinnati, Ohio announced that they will back Funderbuilt, referring opportunities to the company, should the opportunities not fit into traditional lending requirements.

The exciting thing about crowdfunding is that it provides much easier access to capital for smaller entrepreneurs, and I believe that it may well revolutionize the formation of new businesses, providing badly-needed positive momentum for our economy,Mark Morrison, vice president, team lead commercial market at Fifth-Third Bank said.

The minds behind Funderbuilt are calling the new business revolutionary to the industry, systemizing the whole process and working with project owners towards success.

For more information on Funderbuilt, visit their website.

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