From L.A. to Detroit: New VP Scott Shepard Joins LevelEleven

By Amanda Lewan on December 31st, 2013 / Comments

Why move from California to the Motor City? Scott Shepard, former Sales Lead at Yahoo, says he’s moving back to Detroit to join a great culture, and he’s bringing with him sales expertise invaluable to Detroit startups.

The former MSU grad first left the state of Michigan after graduating with a Marketing degree to join a startup in Silicon Valley. Since then, Scott has worked in sales and management for a number of startups including SteelHouse, Monster, and worked for over a decade at Yahoo!.  Scott spent 11 years with HotJobs, where he helped grow the company from a startup to a thriving division of Yahoo!.

What does Detroit’s startup scene offer someone like Scott? The passion, product, and opportunity he finds valuable at a startup company.

“I was intrigued with their product. When I went to out there to spend a day at the office, I was blown away with the combination of a product that made sense and the excitement and passion in their culture,” said Scott.

He also liked having the opportunity to return back home, having family still in state. Scott says he read a few stories about new companies in Detroit, but didn’t know the level of businesses opening until he came to visit LevelEleven. Seeing the business activity downtown added to the opportunity he saw at the Detroit based company.

“That was the secondary aspect of the company and role that I was excited about,” said Scott. “To help grow a company in Detroit and bring more opportunities to the city of Detroit.”

Scott’s new role is Vice President of Sales at LevelEleven, a leader in sales gamification and Detroit Venture Partners portfolio company. He hopes to build a stellar sales team.

“I wanted to get back to working in a startup where I could help build out a sales team,” said Scott. “I like the ability to make an impact on a daily basis. You don’t always get that at larger companies.”

What makes a solid sales team for a startup? Scott says it takes the right combination of skills sets in a team.

“A good sales team is a team that shares idea on a regular basis and pushes each other to be better,” said Scott. “A good sales team also has a good mix of different skill sets and strengths. The culture is so great at LevelEleven. We just want to create that right mix of a solid sales team.”

As a fellow Michigan State grad, he was excited to share that his last year living in California would be spent enjoying watching the Spartans play in Pasadena tomorrow.

Yes, a Rose Bowl game is beyond exciting for Michiganders this year. Seeing top talent like Scott Shepard moving back to Detroit is also pretty exciting, too.


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