From Cars to Cakes: Tom LaSorda & Daughter Expand A Baker’s Tale

By Amanda Lewan on September 5th, 2015 / Comments

It might seem like an unlikely path, but the world of business has taken former CEO of Chrysler and Founder of Incwell Tom LaSorda to the world of baked goods working under the direction of his daughter.

“My daughter hired me as CEO of the mail order business. I report to her,” he said. “It’s from cars to capital to cookies.”

Christine LaSorda has been baking ever since she was little. She went to school for advertising at Michigan State University, before embracing her passion for the culinary arts and studying it in Chicago. Her bakery A Baker’s Tale brings storytelling to life in a retail store at Wicker Park, Chicago. But when it came to expanding her product line Christine didn’t want to go through the expensive and often slower option of opening more stores in other cities. So, together they opened a mail order business now based in Birmingham.

“All items are shipped and arrive within two days,” Founder Christine LaSorda said. “I have a lot of friends who live out of state and always ask me to ship them products. This is more simplified. It gets the Baker’s Tale to everyone.”

A Baker’s Tale LLC is in soft launch with a psychical location at 110 Willits in Birmingham, Michigan. The company has partnered with Sava Lelcaj from of Ann Arbor-based Savco Hospitality Inc. to have Savco Kitchen bake the goods. Tom LaSorda also emphasized the more lean approach of expanding through online and mail order options expressing that it’s more simple and quicker than leasing and buying real estate to grow. 

A Baker’s Tale, Chicago


A Baker’s Tale, Birmingham


“Christine just turned 30 and she’s running a successful business,” said Tom LaSorda.  “This mail order will be a great opportunity to work together so it’s fun.”

Christine added that for her it’s about building a brand and a business, and she’s excited to start in Michigan where she spent much of her time growing up. The company is in soft launch now opening up to the public in Michigan September 15th. The father and daughter duo aim to be national in October. Those are big goals, but with the business experience from Tom LaSorda and skilled branding and baking expertise from Christine, we won’t be surprised if this isn’t a hit.

Want to taste this new business? You can go online to order or go to the Birmingham office. Check out more information at:

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