Four Ways You Can Stay Focused Through Stress

By Yvelette Stines on June 19th, 2017 / Comments

You are sailing along with life and moving along your path pretty smoothly. You are taking time to smell the flowers and smiling at the sun. Out of nowhere, chaos comes with no proper introduction. Now what?

Well it’s time for a character check, the universe want to test you through some chaos. It’s different when you know you were wrong and expecting it versus when you don’t see it coming. This is the time that we are learning our greatest lessons to get to our next step. Don’t run from a challenge, embrace it and figure out how to grow through the lesson with faith and prayer.

There are things in our area or inside of us that we need to release so we can prosper and go towards our align plans that are set for us. If you are going through some chaos and need to keep it calm check out my five tips below.

Big picture perspective– Life doesn’t stop unless you stop breathing. You have to keep it moving and work through the difficulties while keeping your perspective in check. Sometimes it’s good to look at the big picture instead of the details. Once you have an understanding of this perspective, go through the details to get a true understanding of the situation.

Meditate– Quiet time is key this will help you get centered and balanced. Meditation helps you find your center, rationalize, and create a mindful perspective among other things.

Gratitude– Give thanks for everything that you have and everything that you are going through. Although  you might not want to go though these tests at this time, understand this is a lesson and at the end of the day. It is also a blessing. How you act through adversity and chaos is a true test of character and it makes you stronger.

This too shall pass– Like any situation, it will come to an end. Remember to look at the big picture and try your best to put everything into perspective so you can have a clear vision on how to work through the chaos so you can get back to calm.

Remember this difficult time is strengthening you and preparing you for your next step in life. Mindfully ask for the direction to help you get through the challenge.

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