Founder Shane Bliemaster Has the Data Driven Secret to Success

By Yvelette Stines on August 31st, 2016 / Comments

When Shane Bliemaster, Founder of Marketing Supply Company, left Michigan at 19-years-old he knew in his heart that his journey would bring him back home. As a young man landing in California to attend San Francisco State University Bliemaster’s career in tech started after college.

“I worked an entry level position at a tech startup for a year and a half, although I learned a lot I realized it wasn’t my passion,” he said. He moved on to take an unpaid internship at Peanut Labs, another tech startup. He worked in the capacity of marketing and customer acquisition. It was there when his spark for building products grew.ShaneBliemaster (2)

“I learned how to market for companies on a very tight budget. I worked very closely with the CEO and COO helping them build new products,” he said. With his innovative input and hard work, Bliemaster went from intern to director within a year. In 2011 Peanut Labs was acquired. Bliemaster was recruited by a company based in New York City.

“I ended up moving within two weeks to help start Movie Pass,” he said. It was here where he “learned how to grow a consumer focused tech startup on a tight budget.” The startup grew from to $4mm in annual revenue within 10 months.  Working with Movie Pass for two years, Bliemaster moved on to start consulting, building a a small business consulting firm for tech startups. He focused on data driven customer acquisition marketing.  After a year and a half of consulting, he moved back to San Francisco to take a Director of Marketing role at a company called YesVideo. In his position, he helped them rebuild their marketing infrastructure.

As Bliemaster was building his impressive career he always payed attention to what was going on back home.

“I always stayed close to what was happening in Detroit. I would meet with local startup and venture capitalists who were in the area helping these business grow,” he said.

It was a meeting with a CEO that brought him back to Michigan, joining Ann Arbor startup Nutshell as a Vice President. Bliemaster loved the opportunity and being back home, he also wanted to build something in the city of Detroit.  Bliemaster started Marketing Supply Company in September 2015. Bliemaster moved to Detroit and started building his team.

Within the year Marketing Supply Company has secured clients in Detroit, San Francisco, New York, and they are growing quickly.  The formula that sets them apart is the data driven approach that the company practices.

“We are a data driven customer acquisition and marketing agency that helps you discover how to grow your business online. We set you up for long term marketing success based on data. We don’t take a spray and pray approach, everything we do is methodically measured. We test everything,” said Bliemaster.

With a successful business and coming full circle back to Detroit, Bilemaster is excited for the future of his company.

“I am happy to see the growth in Detroit. My goal is to grow a big marketing agency that employs local people and gives Detroiters a cool place to work at a very forward thinking environment,” said Bliemaster.

He also shares his gratitude for the support of Detroiters and Detroit based businesses.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without the Detroit business community, they are so open and helpful. Everyone has been so receptive to what we are doing. It has been pretty amazing having the support, he said.

For those who want to start their own businesses, Bliemaster encourages inquiring entrepreneurs to “take the leap.”

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