Founder Campus Launches First Class for Startups in Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on March 6th, 2013 / Comments

Delane Parnell is on a mission to help connect startups with the educational resources and industry guidance they need to grow, especially entrepreneurs who can’t quit their full-time job to enter an incubator program.

He’s started Founder Campus to bring educational workshops and classes to startups in Detroit. At a low cost for startups the classes will range on topics including  funding, marketing, and business development, and will connect Detroit industry leaders with up and coming startups.

What makes this a great fit for startups? Many businesses and startups start off as a side project. We know that entrepreneurs work full time to pay bills and often start their company after hours. Incubator programs are not always the best fit for these hard working entrepreneurs. Founder Campus classes and workshops can help this group prepare to launch and grow while they continue to work in their field. It’s also a great way for any businesses to brush up on a topic or for employees to learn new skills.

The first class “Kickstart Your Digital Marketing” will be hosted by Founder Campus and our parent company eDetroit. For startups, a little bit of marketing online can go a long way. A business needs a website to help connect with new customers, social media offers a voice to your audience and instant feedback on your product, and tailoring your site for SEO can give you that boost in sales you need.

Founder Campus will be focusing on Detroit for now, aiming to provide affordable classes each month. Known someone interested in helping with a startup class? Point them towards Delane.

About The Class

This class will cost $10 and will be hosted on April 3rd at Atomic Object in Detroit, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.  We’re excited to help Delane with his first class, and we’re designing this marketing course to give startups the education, tools, and resources they need to launch a digital presence and marketing campaign. Check out the class syllabus online for details.

Register for the class today, and walk away from it with the resources you need to grow online. Make sure you connect with Founder Campus to stay tuned for future classes and workshops.

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