Founder Blends Print & Digital with Augmented Reality

By Tim Houghten on November 26th, 2013 / Comments

Michigan born co-founder of entrepreneurial publication G-Code Magazine launched a new augmented reality application for blending print and digital this week.

Why did he do it? What are the advantages and potential benefits for Michigan entrepreneurs?

Like Detroit It’s All About Innovation & Reinvention

I’m a huge Michigan fan. The weather might not be as easy to take since being dragged off to the mission field at a young age, but there are few places with such a great blend of elements like it.

It’s incredibly exciting to see the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in southeast MI right now, as well as the number of Michigan born entrepreneurs looking for ways to invest back home.

Recently G-Code Magazine has really enjoyed highlighting projects like Michipreneur, the rise of small businesses like MyCoordinatorLLC that have won by staying loyal as a local business, as well as the launch of stimulating coworking spaces like Byte & Mortar and The Factory.

Overall most would consider the print industry bankrupt just like the Motor City, which is exactly why we were so determined to find a way to innovate and make it work. Actually, it was that and because while top level industry professionals were spouting off that both print and QR codes were dead, none seemed to have a clue about what viable solutions could be used to win now.

Virtual Reality & A Real Solution

Google Glass and augmented reality contact lenses are way too far out, especially for small business owners that need high ROI marketing and high speed lead generation.

Publishing web only is great, but even though older demographics are wielding iPads everywhere and smartphone and tablets are just as popular in third world countries, many still like print or are only effectively reached or shared to in print.

G-Code’s original mission was simple – “to Inspire and Empower entrepreneurs”

This means helping the dodge all the junk out there on the web to get real advice and tactics they can count on and helping to keep them pumped.

We’d like to think the G-Cloud, augmented reality project launched last week delivers on that.

Showcased in what may be best described as a suite of ‘Interactive, Virtual Reality, Motivational Posters, on Steroids’ print and digital are blended to beam inspiration, hot trending news, and practical, well-tested how-tos for all the daily challenges entrepreneurs face every day.

Rock them on the wall in front of your desk and with the swipe of your smartphone or tablet have innovative ideas, trending topics and the latest marketing solutions pop out.

This not only offers an exciting new element to all types of print, and solves endless issues for entrepreneurs, but could hold amazing marketing opportunities too.

It’s an incredibly affordable, highly targeted format, that can enable bootstrapping startups to generate leads and interact with prospects in real time.

Entrepreneurs can leverage this though our platform, or find ways to leverage it for lifting up the Michigan entrepreneur scene themselves using the same technology. Just don’t forget to share what you are doing on Michipreneur!

G-Code will be showcasing its augmented reality posters in coworking spaces this week.

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