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My Self Care – Chakras: A Guild To Whole Life Balance

June 30, 2016 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Sometimes our lives are hectic and stressful, especially after a busy day of work. We work really hard at our professions, rarely taking time off for ourselves. But why work grueling hours, only to get sick and have to take time off anyway? How can you operate at full potential when you’re running on empty?

My Self Care is an interactive series focusing on introducing and practicing self-care techniques to be implemented into everyday life. Led by Timothy Gay of The Infinite Transition, we provide you with information and tools that can be incorporated into your life right away, to help you be at your best, even through the peaks and valleys of life and business. Our next session is Chakras: A Guild To Whole Life Balance with Claire Balmas.
Chakras are the Seven Major Energy Points in the body that are positioned up the spine to the top of the head. They can influence our perceptions and interactions within the world around us, our health and well being, as well as the ways in which we mentally process information. When the chakras are all working properly, we are healthy, happy, and mentally clear. When they are not, we can often become easily stressed, overly aggressive, depressed, and sick. In this workshop we will learn the basics about the energetic body and why it is important to maintain the chakras, what each one regulates in our body, ways to know if a chakra is out of balance, and tools to help bring the chakras back into balance for a healthy lifestyle.

Ever since Claire was a child, she felt a deep drive to help guide, teach, and heal people from emotional and spiritual wounds, however, growing up in a materialistic world, she struggled for many years to find just a path that would enable her to do that. During college claire began taking yoga much more seriously, and decided that when she graduated, she wanted to teach yoga, seeing it as a way to help guide and heal others much as the practice helped heal her. As Claire developed as a yoga teacher, she felt a deeper connection with healing, and decided to begin studying Pranic Healing, or the practice of healing the physical body through healing the energetic body. As Claire has developed as a healer, she found that the Chakras are the more direct way to heal physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional trauma and strife.

Pre-register online for $10 or pay $15 at the door.


June 30, 2016
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Bamboo Detroit
1442 Brush St
Detroit, MI 48226 United States