Entrepreneurs are Advocates Too

By Kyle Pollock on December 28th, 2012 / Comments

Entrepreneurship has some of the most difficult challenges to overcome. More time away from friends, family, and slashing your personal budget to minimize your overhead are just a few. Entrepreneurs go through one of most brutal processes of constantly being rejected and turned down.

As they put themselves out into the world, it can be very nasty in return. For this reason, entrepreneurs turn themselves into an advocate for what they do, sharing and testing their ideas at every chance they get. They carry this advocacy wherever they go, for a cause greater than themselves.

Entrepreneurs need to be an advocate for their cause, to seek the next round of funding, acquire more users, or to form a great team for a startup. Any startup is a vehicle to deliver that cause to the world, and in today’s changing workforce, so is any business.

Be the Advocate at Work

Businesses are becoming more entrepreneurial to meet the pace of competition and advancing technology. Entrepreneurial blood will be accepted more within companies. This allows for anyone within a business to bring out the advocate in themselves.

Being an advocate can mean both working persistantly and being and educator. Oneupweb of Traverse City, Michigan has a company mantra, “Be Relentless.” They share this practice with everyone as they host entrepreneurial conferences and even put up competitions themed around a relentless attitude.

Be the Advocate in Your Community

People are working remotely more often and businesses measure by results instead of monitoring. This allows more freedom for employees to try different things, to be in new environments and work with new people. Instead of constantly working behind a desk, any employee can be a face of a company especially with the community engagement that social media can help foster. As businesses become more flexible and employees get more space for their performance, there’s more room to be an advocate among the community.

Advocacy comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Newtown Pride, a newly formed organization to help the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting, was formed by two former Sandy Hook alumna, Kerin Sovern and Ashley Maxon. Maxon, a current Colorado transplant, who lived in Newtown and Michigan for some time, used her advertising experience of 10 years to help promote this cause. The organization has raised more than $30,000 and all proceeds go to the Sandy Hook Parent-Teacher-Student Association and the victims’ families.

Whether starting a business or working as an employee, you can deliver a message to anyone you come across, and both are mediums to be an advocate for what you and your company stands for. Today’s world is about contributing to something greater than yourself. Hopefully, in 2013 you can become a better advocate for what you stand for.

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