East Lansing Native Shakes Up Legal Services with This App

By Amanda Lewan on March 17th, 2014 / Comments

Abe Geiger is originally from the small town of East Lansing, Michigan. He left to go to school at Stanford on the west coast, and that was just the first step towards his startup journey.

After graduated from Stanford, Abe began consulting for big companies and startups, and then left to New York City for grad school. While freelancing and consulting, he had always struggled with handling contracts. He began to bounce the idea around of creating a better way to craft, sign, and send out contracts.

He started Shake two years ago with the now current president and CEO of Buzzfeed Jon Steinberg to help solve this problem. The app is an easy way for anyone to create a legally binding contract all on their mobile phone. Abe says contracts are the “blueprints for any business relationship,” and put plenty of care and thought into creating a simple and effective process.

“We wanted simple, concise agreements where the two parties actually understand the contract,” said Abe. “We didn’t want the jargon and unnecessary words that are sometimes in contracts.”

Shake  lets users create free contracts. There a six free templates including contracts for NDAs, contracts for loaning money, renting land, and buying or selling items. The app even includes contracts specifically for creatives like designers or developers, and a create your own option. It’s perfect for freelancers and creatives.

” We want to help people get coverage and protection without the expense and slow speed of traditional legal services,” says Abe, who’s wife is a lawyer. He claims she loves the app and finds it helpful for every day use.

Get shake for free on iPhone only, and keep an eye out for a web and android version coming soon. Make sure you check it out and let us know what other tools you use as a freelancer.

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