Doodle Home: A Platform For Creativity

By Amanda Lewan on May 11th, 2013 / Comments

Creatives need inspiration, freedom, and the proper tools to create their work. In reality, there is almost always busy work to get done before one can create and execute their vision.

At least this was the reality for interior designers until Jennifer Gilbert envisioned Doodle Home. The Detroit startup aims to create a home that curates all products, information, quotes, and resources necessary to doing the busy work of interior design, freeing up more time for creating.

Gilbert and her team found that interior designers were spending eighty percent of their time on overhead, and only twenty percent of their time actually designing. Doodle Home changes this, and it’s the core of the company whose motto is all about creativity: “We’d love to see what you can do when all you have to do is design.”

Helping the interior designer to create is replicated throughout the business, with a platform that lists over 20,000 manufactures in the U.S., to a Doodle Home team member whose role is entirely dedicated to assisting designers.

We spoke with President Fernando Prieto on Doodle Home’s dedication to changing the interior design field.

“When Jennifer returned to the interior design industry fifteen years after she left to raise a family, she found it was just as inefficient as it was before,” said Fernando. “Our mission is to become a platform for interior designers, making their work more efficient.”

Fernando describes the industry as almost having forgotten about the designer, overwhelming them with showrooms, trips, and other busy work that bogs down artists. The software is built with everything an interior designer might need: material products from manufactures, inspirational collections curated from around the world, and the ability to quote and order all from one place.

So far Fernando says the software has received enthusiastic feedback from interior designers.

“They see it as a revolution to help designers and their clients, and can’t believe no one has thought of this already,” said Fernando.

Doodle Home is located in the Madison Building, along with a host of other tech companies, design firms, and the startup incubator Bizdom. Doodle Commercial, the business’s interior design branch, designed the inside of the Madison Building as well as other buildings in the city.

Fernando said it’s been inspiring to work in the building and in Detroit where Jennifer and Dan Gilbert have a large commitment to rebuilding and investing in the city.

“We’re doing this to change the industry, and we want to make our impact on the city,” said Fernando. “If we can build a company that’s successful then we’re also creating jobs in Detroit.”

A company revolutionizing the interior design world from Detroit sends a message the rest of the country about what’s possible in Detroit’s tech hub.

“It’s a tech company changing the interior design industry, and we’re not based in L.A. or New York. We’re doing this in Detroit, and we’re really proud of doing this from Detroit,” said Fernando.

Doodle Home is free for interior designers to sign up. Learn more about Doodle Home online.

Photo via Doodle Home.

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