Dishup Is a Tinder for Foodies

By Amanda Lewan on November 2nd, 2015 / Comments

It’s a brilliant idea, especially for your foodie friend.

What’s the most attractive part of going out to eat? The food. High quality photos of food are key to attracting new customers, whether it’s on the menu, online, or on social media.

A new local app has launched that helps to engage customers by offering a visual look at food in Metro Detroit. Called DishUp the app works like a “tinder for foodies.”

“You get to swipe these large photos and find food you’re craving,” said Josh Donnelly Co-founder of DishUp.

The app lets the user search either by restaurant or by a specific craving, like sushi or burgers, and then you can visually see items you might want before going anywhere. Often small businesses do not have visual menus easily accessible online. Their app could serve as a better marketing and sales channel.Dishup_Dishpic

“There are a lot of places focused on finding a place to eat, but the visuals are often lacking,” said Co-founder Brandon Helderop.

You get to see pictures of the menu items first, and you can swipe through until you find food you love. For business owners, they can work with the DishUp team to make sure they have high quality photos listed. About 80 restaurants in Metro Detroit are featured on the app right now.

The team is looking to connect with other foodies and restaurant owners, and has plans to monetize the app with several marketing ideas geared towards the restaurant owners.

“We would love to connect with users and other local restaurants – with the goal of bilding up our user base right here in Metro Detroit,” said Helderop.

They are also very excited to support business in Metro Detroit.

“The restaurant scen has been booming in Detroit. There’s been national spotlights on the secene here,” said Donnelly. “We thought it would be really cool that we started here, and we could grow. Everything we’re doing is geo targeted to this area.”

The app is in beta and free to check out now on the iTunes store.

Check out DishUp listed on our directory, and keep us posted on other food and food tech startups you’re working on.

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