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By Amanda Lewan on August 14th, 2013 / Comments

An old Albert Kahn building in Northville that was once the Ford Valve Plant is home to the tech startup Digital Roots. Inside you’ll find their hip office décor, shared company bikes, beautiful wooden desks, and a large historic motor. Upstairs is where Henry Ford used to lead the plant, adding a reminder to visitors of the roots of Michigan’s innovation.

Digital Roots is a software company founded in 2009 by Jay Wolcott that’s changing how brands use social media. The software startup provides solid analytics that can find relevant conversations online and bring the brand to these conversation in real-time.

It sounds like a dream to anyone who works in social media, and the company has had success so far growing to a team of 24 employees in under three years.

Jay spent years working in customer service and marketing at General Motors when he noticed early on the opportunity to improve brand loyalty online. Back in 2008, Jay said that 50% of customers who tried to reach a brand online couldn’t find the information they needed off of their websites. A lot has changed since then, including the volume and growth of social media channels. Brands need to listen now more than ever.

“We give brands valuable insights and analytics of the broader happenings and conversations online,” said Jay.

The company now serves large enterprise clients, including Ford and The PulteGroup. While other social media tools use keyword based search to find conversations, Digital Roots found this isn’t always the best option for brands. Certain key words can get lost in the noise online. Digital Roots had developed a method that offers more value and accuracy.

“It’s a big data system. The powerful piece is the engine that determines what’s relevant for the brand,” said Jay.

Using the software can also help brands embrace transparency online, which Jay believes is a key to the future of social media marketing.

“The brands that embrace transparency will be the ones who thrive. Those who are secretive and avoid conversations are the ones at the greatest risk, because of the power of the social web,” said Jay. “A lot of brands have focused on pushing their messaging out, and we’re starting to see that continuum shift. We’re beginning to see brands appreciate the messages and conversations out there.”

It’s great to see a new software helping social media marketers and businesses better engage online, a key to growing any marketing initiatives. Jay and his team at Digital Roots said they’re proud to be located in Northville, a city that’s located in between all of the great tech happenings in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

“We’re pioneers in this field and we’re excited to be doing it from Michigan,” said Jay. “The programs we are doing with brands are being recognized as the most innovative and are seeing great results. We’re always looking for innovate and creative ways to drive the economy in this section.”

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