Develop Detroit: Classes for Michigan’s Mobile Economy

By Amanda Lewan on January 16th, 2013 / Comments

With plenty of  businesses going mobile, we’re going to need more skilled Michigan programmers to create mobile apps.

That’s where Mike Vichich from Develop Detroit steps in. Mike is passionate about helping teach and train others to program. When I spoke with Mike, he had just left Cass Tech High School, a school Develop Detroit helped raised sponsorship dollars for from their upcoming Detroit Mobile City iOS Conference this February.

“I went into three classrooms and spoke with students. There are some incredibly talented kids in Detroit who want to learn this stuff and want to get jobs here,” Mike said. “This is what we want to do for Develop Detroit – connect kids who want to learn and help them find programming opportunities in Detroit.”

Mike first started to learn about app programming when he left his job as a former strategy consultant where he made financial models rather than iOS apps. After a few years, he decided to branch off and start his company Glyph, an app that tells you which credit card to use to help you receive the most valuable rewards. He began to learn how the language worked, and wanted to help others learn too.

“I’m happy to report that because of the program we have 30 new ios programmers in Southeast Michigan, and that’s an awesome start,” Mike said. “We want to pump out 60 or so iOS and UIX developers that can start companies and contribute to Michigan’s mobile economy. For us it’s about building the skill base that we need locally.

Develop Detroit Classes

Develop Detroit programmingThe classes are open to anyone who has some level of programming experience, and are currently offered in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Lansing. Currently Develop Detroit is offering iOS programming, with a user interface course in the spring. Learning programming can be great for any entrepreneur who wants to work in a technology-based startup. Understanding the languages and the way apps are built can help an entrepreneur learn how to build his mobile business. Get all the class details online by visiting Develop Detroit.

Detroit Mobile City iOS Conference

The first annual mobile city conference will be held Saturday, February 2nd. The conference will feature Nir Eyal, tech writer and consultant. Nir’s work digs deep into the psychology of app usage, helping programmers understand how people use their apps.

Find out more about the upcoming Mobile City iOS Conference.

For entrepreneurs interested in all types of web applications, check out our previous series on open web apps.

Photo via Develop Detroit.

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