Detroit’s Rocket Fiber Launches Early Signups for Gigabit Internet

By Amanda Lewan on April 13th, 2015 / Comments

A few months ago, billionaire Dan Gilbert announced that startup Rocket Fiber was building a gigabit Internet network in Downtown Detroit. The co-founders confirmed with us that the network will provide similar or faster speeds than Google Fiber and will be live at the end of this year.

Now, Rocket Fiber has launched their website and is seeking Detroiters input for early signups. Where should they expand to next? Their website is live with an interactive map of the city of Detroit. While Downtown businesses and residents will be the first to be hooked up to the Gigabit speeds this year, other neighborhoods are on their radar including Corktown, Midtown, and Woodbridge. Based on demand, the company says they will begin to expand the building of the high speed infrastructure.

Why bring faster speeds to Detroit at all? Co-founder Edi Demaj says that bringing competition to the market will provide customer with better service and faster speeds.

“We want to serve as many people as possible, and knowing who wants Rocket Fiber will help us direct our resources towards those areas first,” said Edi Demaj. “Our website is a resource for people that want a gigabit provider that cares for their customers.”

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