Detroit’s Rocket Fiber Announces World’s Fastest Residential Internet

By Amanda Lewan on November 12th, 2015 / Comments

In Downtown Detroit, one startup has big ambitions to reinvent an industry and put Detroit on the map for technology.

Rocket Fiber is a Detroit based startup that raised $30 million in funding from Dan Gilbert to build out a brand new fiber optic infrastructure in Detroit’s greater downtown area. The startup has now grown to 30 employees, and announced today that they are capable of offering the fastest residential Internet in the world at 10 Gigabit speeds. For businesses, they can now offer up to 100 Gigabit speeds.

The company has been in beta testing, hooking up buildings in Detroit’s Downtown region. Gigabit Internet this fast should put the city of Detroit on the map, attracting many new startup companies. We can’t wait to see what’s invented with this type of Internet speed. Below is a short video and more information on the 10 Gigabit speeds.

To learn more about Rocket Fiber go here.

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