Detroit Week: Celebrating the Made in Detroit Spirit Feb 17-23

By Amanda Lewan on February 3rd, 2014 / Comments

What is it that makes the Motor City thrive? The region is known for grit and a strong work ethic, but there’s also the innovation sparked from a city that’s given America the automobile, Motown, Shinola watches, Carhartt, and other loved Detroit brands.

There’s a special combination of this hard working spirit and innovate eye that’s growing Detroit’s entrepreneurial scene today. This February we’re invited to participate in a week long celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation during Detroit Week.

Kicking off on Monday, February 17th with a panel style Open City Detroit event, the week-long celebration is expected to attract more than 500 people to local events around Detroit. The goal is to unify and inspire the entrepreneurial community.

“We believe that platforms like Co-Lab and Detroit Week are important because they not only bring the community together, but allow organizations who are often at times considered competitors, the opportunity to work together and support one another,” said Delane Parnell.

Delane Parnell helped establish Detroit Week along with Founder of Brand Camp Hajj Flemings. The two are facilitating Detroit Week, though organizations are open to join with their own event and can sign up to participate. 

What can we expect during this celebration? So far the line up includes a few local hot spots including Open City Detroit, Great Lakes Coffee Taco Tuesdays, D:hive’s BUILD classes, Girl Develop It Detroit, a Google Demo Day at Grand Circus, a special speaker series coming to Bamboo Detroit, and more.

Check out the full lineup for Detroit Week, and let us know what you see happening with Detroit’s entrepreneurship and innovation.

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