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By Mayra Monroy on July 16th, 2015 / Comments

With a passion for the water and fitness alike, Fares Ksebati and his team at MySwimPro have grown from this love aquatics and training. Through the determination and ambition that flourished in the pool, they provided a startup that helps others just like them achieve their goals. MySwimPro is a platform that professional swimmers and coaches use to set and accomplish athletic prowess.

The inspiration behind MySwimPro came from the lack of money that Ksebati often would see an athlete lose to. In turn, not having an accurate training program, or paying for one that wasn’t fit for you, limited him as a swimmer and a coach.

“Today, most swimmers and triathletes don’t have access to structured training and coaching. The athletes who do, often spend hundreds of dollars per month on in-person or remote coaching and training plans,” says Ksebati. “A majority of swimmers lack this coaching and many feel discouraged, some so much so that they don’t participate in the sport that they love.”

With a target use of master swimmers and triathletes wanting to improve their performance and overall health, MySwimPro has a goal of helping swimmers swim 250,000,000 miles by 2020 while also hoping to teach 1 million people how to swim. And the app is flexible to you, with downloadable software for an Android, iPhone, and even a possibility of “wearable” software seen for the future in MySwimPro’s “Hackathon” Apple Watch project.

“These [master] athletes are typically mid to late career professionals who have committed to living a healthy lifestyle and are actively participating in the sport of swimming,” says Ksebati. “The swimming and triathlon community is really special and has seen double digit annual growth for the last decade.”

An athlete may ask himself or herself what difference does MySwimPro have over other fitness apps and Ksebati believes in the personal workout. You can expect a workout customized to your exact needs and goals.

“Swimming is unlike any other sport, and requires a unique experience that enables athletes to not only track workouts, but create, share and receive content that’s created specifically for them,” explains Ksebati. “The virtual swim coach algorithm we’re designing creates the ultimate swimming experience for an athlete by understanding their goals and helping them by providing a custom workout plan that’s 100% specific to them.”

With over thousands of users actively using the application, available via iOS and Android devices, MySwimPro is gaining ground in the startup community. As semi-finalists in the Chicago TechWeek Launch competition of 126 companies, Ksebati and his team are prepared for their expansion.

“Right now we’re growing organically through our team’s personal network and on social media. We have over 14,000 twitter followers and engage with our audience through our blog and in-person at events,” he said.

With the current and oncoming success that the team at MySwimPro has and will experience, Ksebati’s advice for those with a startup idea? Just do it.

“Just start! You may think you have the next billion-dollar idea, but remember that ideas are just a commodity, and execution is everything. Get out there and test your assumptions, validate your hypothesizes, and move fast!”

For swimmers, whether you’re just starting out or a lifelong triathlete, the team at MySwimPro continues their platform with you in mind.

“We’re just getting started. Everyday, we are excited by our vision of empowering aquatic prowess across the globe. We’re currently in the DTX Launch accelerator at TechTown Detroit and currently looking to take the next steps in building our company,” says Ksebati. “On the product side, we’re fine tuning our technology stack from the feedback of the over 3,000 athletes already on our platform. Once our free app is where we need it to be, we’ll introduce our premium plan which will be a monthly subscription.”

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