Detroit Kitchen Connect Cooks Up Collaboration

By Amanda Lewan on July 10th, 2013 / Comments

Detroit has a lot of empty space, but not necessarily prime places for food entrepreneurs to get their business started.

Shared commercial kitchen space gives food startups the space and tools they need to feed us their creations. Like Incu-Bake out in Hold, or other community co-working spaces, a shared kitchen offers room for collaboration and growth.

Detroit Kitchen Connect is now open for submissions. Started by Eastern Market Corporation and Detroit Food Labs, a group of food entrepreneurs in the city, DKC will be the management and technical assistance hub for a distributed network of shared-use kitchens across the city.

“We envision a network of kitchens where all feel welcome because we believe good food is about more than just local ingredients, it’s also about celebrating and preserving culinary traditions and making sure businesses are owned and run by people rooted in our neighborhoods,” stated Devita Davison, DKC Kitchen Coordinator.

Great, local food? Collaborative environment? Pass along the application for the DKC today to any of your foodie friends.

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