Bonus Round: Nine Unforgettable #Detroit Blogs

By Amanda Lewan on October 5th, 2012 / Comments

Previously, we showcased our list of the Top 10 Most Entertaining and Notable Detroit Blogs, and our readers pointed out that we missed a few big #Detroit blogs.

Adding on to our last roundup, the following blogs all bring an interesting perspective of Detroit, focusing on our people and all the things we love. Each one contributes a unique and entertaining style, making these blogs an unforgettable addition to your #Detroit blog reading list.

Nine Unforgettable #Detroit Blogs

  1. The Hungry Dudes – The Hungry Dudes have a hungry following, and for good reasons. They consistently post the best places to eat in Metro Detroit, and are always at all of the local foodie events. Detroiters love food, and if you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve noticed the rise of urban eateries popping up all over Metro Detroit too. Let the hungry dudes lead the way.
  2. Curbed Detroit – Our city was built with the rich pulse of architecture running through it’s streets. Curbed Detroit keeps you updated on everything real estate, architecture, and also covers some local Detroit news and events.
  3. I am Young Detroit – Written for young Detroiters, by young Detroiters. This blog is very in tune with #Detroit stories, everything from Martha Stewart mentions of Detroit food, to all of the hippest events in the city. They also share some great ideas on how we can help improve the city we love.
  4. The People of Detroit – A city at it’s core is all about the people. Detroit is full of a diverse mix, often known best for grit and determination. This blog aims to show you who lives in Detroit.  Beautiful portraits make this a blog a must see.
  5. Eat it Detroit – This blog does exactly what it says, takes a bite out of the Metro Detroit food scene but with a little sass. Reviewing the best and sometimes worst places to go, you’ll find honest, useful information on restaurants and breweries. Check out Eat it Detroit’s hot lists and weekly news roundups.
  6. Fashion Loves Detroit – Just launched, Kim the Leading Lady of eDetroit is blogging on all things Fashion in Detroit. Keep an eye out for design inspiration and news covering the Detroit fashion industry. Also, check out the FASH DET network for more awesome local fashion blogs.
  7. Model D – A website devoted to all things Detroit, they cover everything from startups to the arts. Definitely worth adding to your Detroit reading list.
  8. Motor City Muckraker – A self-proclaimed gang of Muckrakers, these bloggers aim to expose the truth about Detroit. You’ll see them questioning firefighter cutbacks, media coverage, and more.
  9. 450 Detroit – Two guys exploring and sharing their experiences in the city. Some of their posts will make you laugh like their “Things White People Like” section, others really show insight into the community at large.

We know that Detroit is full of so many interesting stories it’s hard to keep up with it all. Bloggers offer a unique perspective, often missed by mainstream media.

Check out our recommendations and let us know which ones you like.

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