Detroit Based Slope is Making Media Collaboration Easier

By Amanda Lewan on April 6th, 2015 / Comments

Brian Bosche CEO and Co-founder of Slope first arrived to Detroit as a Venture for American fellow, a program that brings talented entrepreneurs to cities around the world.

Bosche worked at Bizdom during his fellowship learning all about entrepreneurship and funding. While there, he got the idea to start TurnPro, a company that takes captured content created on Go Pros and creates professional videos.  Not long after he discovered another market opportunity, and “Slope” was born. Slope is a platform for marketing and creative teams to manage and collaborate on media content.

“When you’re doing video production it’s hard to manage all of the content you’re creating and collaborate on,” said Bosche. “We looked for tools that were affordable and that’s where slope was born.”

The founders both had plenty of experience working in tech startups and wanted to come up with a way to help improve the creative process for video creation. The platform allows you to make content searchable and shareable so you can collaborate with a whole creative team. The team tested the product with over 25 different companies, and after great feedback, made the decision to apply for the Microsoft Ventures program. Slope was the only Detroit based company accepted into the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Seattle.

“It’s their second accelerator they’ve done themselves,”  said Bosche. “This one is specifically focused on improving the digital workspace. It’s very much geared to helping companies better collaborate.”

The Microsoft Ventures accelerator focuses on helping startups setup to scale, and provides a $25,000 grant. But because Bosche has already been active in the Detroit startup community, he sees a lot of value keep an office in Detroit. About 50% of their creative team is in Motor City today with no plans on leaving.

Interested in better media tools? Check out Slope here to learn more about them.

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