Delphia Simmons: Helping Detroit Thrive

By Kimberly Mango on December 26th, 2012 / Comments

Delphia Simmons is definitely a woman I look up to.

She’s strong, motivated, and unstoppable when it comes to her mission in, and for, the city of Detroit. She is the founder of Thrive, an L3C dedicated to helping employ entrepreneurs with an assortment of micro-enterprises under the Thrive umbrella. She also works for COTS (the Coalition on Temporary Shelter) where she was initially employed to spend $6.2 million to assist as many individuals and families as possible between July 2009 and July 2012. As of the deadline, over 98% of that $6.2 million was spent! Now she is the director of quality improvement at COTS doing work toward improvement in the city.

Thrive Street Newspaper is a concept that was adopted from other cities in the nation such as Ann Arbor and Philadelphia. The goal of Thrive is to help the homeless population, as well as anyone else that needs the extra income, achieve entrepreneurship on a micro level. The street newspapers are bought by the sellers for 25 cents per copy and then sold on the street for $1.00. This enables the business owners to make profit, whether it’s an extra $100 a month to make their house payment, or it’s to buy a new coat for the bitter Detroit winter. Along with these amazing business owners selling daily, you can also find Thrive Street Newspaper at the United Way downtown and Matrix Human Services in Osborne.

Another opportunity for entrepreneurial spirits under the Thrive name is Pro Windshield Repair started by Mishelle McCann. You can check them out online here.

“Hopefully there will be three additional enterprises in 2013.” Delphia is looking forward with Thrive and is striving to grow the economy in Detroit through these new micro-enterprises that have the abilities to change the lives of many. She’s not sure which new additions will be made quite yet, but she’s definitely hopeful for what’s in store.

Be sure to check Thrive out online and see what COTS is up to in the future!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and that the new year brings joy and good tidings your way.


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