Dear Entrepreneur of 2013

By Ryan Eggenberger on December 30th, 2012 / Comments

Dear Me of 2013,

Happy New Year! Kind of. This is a note from you. Well, the future you. The date today is December 31, 2013. And man, oh, man what a year it has been.

I know what you’re thinking. After all, who gets a letter from the future them? I remember reading this exact letter a year ago. I thought, “this guy is crazy!” And you’re right. You (or I) might be a little crazy.

All kidding aside, it’s been a great year, full of exciting opportunities. We’ve reached new milestones and accomplished so many exciting goals. I can’t tell you how fun 2013 is going to be for you!

But listen, I’m writing this letter to you – or, us – for your benefit. I’m on the other side of 2013, and I’ve learned a few lessons that you should know; namely, three things to remember during this upcoming year. After all, these are important lessons for any entrepreneur to know, especially you.

First, live this year without the fear of failure, no matter the challenge. You will fail at many things this year: making deadlines, closing every sale, meeting new initiatives, not to mention personal setbacks as well. That’s okay! Just get up, evaluate why you fail, take note, and keep going. Remember that as a general rule, the potential is worth the risk. If you think about an action or a move for longer than a few weeks, or you feel like you need to seek the advice from somebody about any given situation, chances are you already know the answer. Be not afraid.

Second, be prepared. New business opportunities will pop up over the next few months. The key to grabbing those opportunities, however, is preparation. As they say, “luck is preparation meets opportunity.” Create your own luck, no matter the situation, by being prepared.

On that point, remember that with preparation comes wisdom. You’re not going to want or need every single opportunity that comes along, no matter how fun or exciting it may be. Being solid in your purpose both professionally and personally will help you keep your eyes on the prize, the purpose for which you originally set out to accomplish. While some opportunities are noble, fun, and great, you will never accomplish anything significant if you don’t have enough willpower to say no sometimes.

Third, love comes first. Family first. Friends second. Work third. If you let work consume your life this year- and it will only consume your life if you let it – , you will have lost precious time doing things that matter most, like spending time with family and friends. Nobody on their deathbed wishes that they would have worked more or spent more time at the office. Most people simply want more time with family. The essence of being an entrepreneur is being in control, and that control has no purpose if you let your own work make you its slave.

Remember, you- er, us- that this is your year. It’s our year. Now is the time. We can do this.

See you on the other side!


You in 2014

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