CulturecliQ Creates A Method for Matching Talent to Culture

By Amanda Lewan on April 22nd, 2015 / Comments

Good talent is hard to find, but the right fit for your company is even more rare.

How can you tell when it’s the right person? You might go through rounds of interviews and still make the wrong hiring choice. Sometimes the person is talented but doesn’t match your company culture. A new technology company in Detroit has created a better way to help match up better hires. CulturecliQ allows you to create a free profile in the system and based on 23 different culture cues their algorithm matches you to companies.

Colleen Albright, founder and CEO of culturecliQ shared with us why culture is vital to hiring, and how their company helps Michigan based companies connect to talent.

Why did you want to build a company that helps disrupt recruitment?

I was always blessed to work with companies with great cultures. My first two primary jobs I had I was very blessed. I didn’t realize it until I left. I started to think about how I could replicate the culture. I realized there was no solution.

I thought what if there was a way to showcase employment opportunities in Michigan, but also allow companies to showcase the best of what they offer? I wanted to let the companies give an up close look at what it’s like to work there. That’s what I came up with CultureCliq – it’s like online dating for the HR process.

Why did you choose to focus on culture?

Culture can be a very nebulous term. We’ve tried to give people broad options to define what culture means to them. I think it’s really important. Companies are really struggling to find candidates. The availability of top talent is decreasing, but the demand for it is increasing. Companies have to compete in a different way in the market. CultureCliq helps them do that.

How is this different than a social media site like LinkedIn or a job board? 

LinkedIn is more of a networking site. We wanted to move away from a traditional job board which doesn’t really tell anyone anything. They have to wait for the interview process. We wanted to move a lot of those pieces to the front end of the recruiting process.

Why did you choose technology? Why is it important to disrupt the industry today?

IT truly has the potential to transform the way we look at recruiting. I think when people look at culture fits, it leads to a happier more productive employee. Which in turn leads a more productive company.

Millennials now approach the job search as free agents because talent is so high in demand. They are looking for value matches, companies that fit their lifestyle, etc. They want a job that takes on a different meaning that. We’re a great fit for attracting Millennial talent.

About 30 companies are using the platform right now. Companies based on their size pay a service based fee to participate. The startup is focusing on the state of Michigan to helps showcase the great talent here, with plans to expand in the future.  Learn more about CulturecliQ.

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