Creating a Healthy Movement in Detroit with GO! Smoothies

By Yvelette Stines on February 28th, 2015 / Comments

When Callie Bradford was fed up with a number of health challenges, she knew something had to change.

“It was ten years ago, and I had a series of surgeries and fibroid tumors in my uterus. I was tired of being sick and I knew there had to be a better way,” she says.

Bradford started researching healthier alternatives.  She changed her diet, became a vegetarian, and started to feel better. She then transitioned into the vegan lifestyle. During the time Bradford was changing her lifestyle habits she began to meet other women with a similar story. “I would talk to women and they had similar health challenges, and I though there is a need and I want to help women get healthy,” she says. Bradford took training to get her personal trainer certificate and then became a nutrition and health coach.GoSmoothieLadies

As she set out on her journey to encourage healthy living she met her business partners Monique Dooley, an educator and health coach, and Monica Samuel, a clinical psychologist with an emphasis on health-related issues. Initially they started a movement called the Juice Lounge.

“We started conducting juice and smoothie demonstrations and hosting group cleanses,” Bradford says. Their following grew, the demand grew, and the business partners opened a brick and mortar space called GO! Smoothies in Detroit.

GO!  Smoothies is a healthy space located on Clifford Street in Downtown Detroit. The space serves as both a healthy food vendor, and a community space for activities.

“When people come in there is a lot of wonderful conversation about health and wellness. People are excited to learn how to take care of themselves,” she said.  With all of the delicious options of juices, smoothies, and healthy items, Bradford is excited of the growth of the company. You can now purchase GO! Smoothies bottled items at Western Market in Ferndale. Spreading the knowledge about health, she is happy the business is located in Detroit.

“The city is a hub of a new beginning and it is starting to thrive. There is a rebirth and why not start with both wealth and health?” Bradford and her business partners are also aware of many chronic illnesses that are common in the African American community as well as the community as a whole.

“Many illnesses can be cured through lifestyle modification. We tend to put a Band-Aid on symptoms instead of curing it through nutrition. With the right foods our cells can rejuvenate and heal,” she explains.

Continuing the movement, GO! Smoothies also offers one-on-one health coaching, corporate health coaching, fitness classes, group cleanses, and continual lectures and classes. Visit for more information.

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