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By Yvelette Stines on June 21st, 2016 / Comments

When it comes to crafting a good story there are a lot of elements that naturally take place. When it comes to crafting your story as an entrepreneur, it can get tricky. Many times business owners allow the face of the company to lead the story. Christa Chambers-Price, founder of Entre-SLAM, is here to help entrepreneurs take down the masks and get to the heart of who they are in order to create the why behind their business and see the success they deserve.

As a Military Intelligence Veteran and former FBI Analyst, Chambers-Price has also worked in technical writing and as a developmental consultant for startsups and clients such as Bank of America and Marriott. She’s helped startups with basic training and marketing.  It was a client that invited her to an event that shifted her perspective.

“I was invited to a networking function. These events are not the most pleasant experience for me,” she says. She realized networking was necessary but Chambers-Price was looking for an outlet that felt more down to earth. “I like to dance, have fun, and talk to people. I wanted to find a way to incorporate all of this in events and keep it real. The other thing that is missing about the events is that entrepreneurs are trying to tell a story that is not necessarily theirs.  They tell a story of what people think they want to hear.”

Chambers-Price found a way to incorporate her vision into a storytelling event for entrepreneurs. It was 2012, she invited 20 people to attend the Ann Arbor event on storytelling and 110 showed up. There was nervous excitement and eager participants, but there was a lack of authenticity when it came to the storytellers.

“It was around the fifth person that got up. She was honest shared her failures and how she rebuilt from the situation. After that, the whole night shifted,” she reminisces. Chambers-Price also realized she was on to something and this concept was a great need for entrepreneurs.  She stayed consistent with the events, held a couple in Detroit, and realized there was a healthy dose of competition. This was a time to recalibrate and focus on the execution of Entre-SLAM.

“In 2014 we took the year off and retooled the events and our approach. We focused on the questions what is the why behind what they do.  How do we pull out what makes an entrepreneur unique and what is their purpose?” she explains.  “We dug down to find the truth behind every entrepreneur and figured out their why. When those two elements came together, that was where the magic happened.”

Entre-SLAM  has shifted into a storytelling accelerator that focuses on entrepreneurs in Michigan. The accelerator is a four week program with tracks for tech, social enterprise and retail. At the end there is a showcase for participants to share the stories they have developed.

“The training fits around the schedule of entrepreneurs with options that feature online courses, one-on-one coaching at Tech Town, and phone or skype sessions,” she said.

When someone is accepted into the program, they can expect to have a storytelling canvas that captures a map of their current story, experiences, and what they are really selling.

“Crayola is selling imagination where Nike is selling confidence,” says Chambers-Price. “The program allows business owners to capture their own personal story, understand who they are, what their specific focus is, and know the why behind their business. This helps entrepreneurs to know who they are talking to and how they are fulfilling the needs of their customer.”

Chambers-Price loves that she can pull the best out of participants, get to the core of their being, and unapologetically share their truth when it comes to telling their stories.

“We want to connect in real authentic ways. That is why it is important that your story allows you to be more accessible and to connect easily with your audience and (customers),” she said.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Entre-SLAM Biz Storytelling Accelerator visit to apply.  Applications are due this week by Friday, June 24, 2016. More details are below.

The Tech Cohort begins June 24th. The Retail Cohort begins June 27th. The Social Enterprise Cohort begins June 28th. Each cohort will last for four weeks. Training will be held mostly at TechTown’s Junction440 at 440 Burroughs St. Detroit, Michigan 48202. Subsidized by Entre-SLAM and partner sponsorships, cohort fees start at a low rate of $49 and go to $225. Fees covers coaching, marketing, strategy and sales training.

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