Cheers! Brix Soda Bubbles in West Michigan

By Jane Whitttington on December 28th, 2016 / Comments

Here’s the vocabulary quiz for the day: define “brix” and use it in a sentence. Stumped? Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is the sugar content of a liquid.  But Brix means something else in Grand Rapids these days. Brix Soda is a locally-made craft soda designed for those who want something different from the run-of-the-mill soft drink.

Started by a group of friends with backgrounds in the local restaurant scene, their first decision was to make their soda with pure cane sugar rather than with high fructose corn syrup, thus imparting more true flavor.

According to Justin Ahearne, Sales Consultant, “Our company started as a result of the craft movement here in GR; we knew people were looking for something different, something local and something new. We are now beginning our third year of production, sales and distribution.  Our distribution company, BBC, has been around for a number of years, and we knew we could count on them as a partner to get our product into the marketplace.”

He continues, “Our ingredients are natural and, for the most part, local. We work with West Michigan Farm Link to source many of the components that go into our sodas. Our customers were looking for unique flavors, and that’s what we have created.”

Originally, Brix Soda was only available as fountain drinks in locally owned and operated bars and restaurants, but it soon became clear that customers wanted to be able to purchase Brix in bottles for home consumption. That desire led to the creation of bottled drinks.

Currently, Brix comes “on tap” in root beer, Jamaican ginger, original cream soda, orange cream soda, black cherry cream soda, cane cola, pomegranate lemonade, diet cola, ginger ale, lemon-lime, lemonade, coconut pineapple and just do. Bottled Brix Soda comes in root beer, Jamaican ginger, orange and black cherry cream soda, cane cola and pomegranate lemonade. It is now sold in individual bottles, but Ahearne says that Brix will soon be selling four-packs in stores.

Ahearne says, “We’ve been very intentional about where we offer Brix. We don’t want to sell it in chain restaurants, and, at least for now, we are concentrating on West Michigan. We are sold at The Lantern Coffee Shop, A Moveable Feast food truck, Furniture City Creamery, Gray Skies Distillery, Electric Cheetah and Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop, Kingma’s Market, Bliss and Vinegar, Kitchen 67, New Holland Brewery, Alpen Rose and a few other locations. They are all listed on our website.”

He continues, “Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be a good, local company with the very best service and products. We are growing at a steady pace, and, as more and more people hear about and try our soda, we know we will continue to grow.”

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