Sergio Rodriguez and Jose Romo-Puerta, two friends from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, had similar experiences in doing odd jobs around their neighborhoods to pay their ways through college, with Rodriguez pursuing a masters in biomedical engineering and Romo-Puerta seeking a bachelors in business at Wayne State University. They had found numerous challenges in keeping track of […]

Shannon Cohen: Leading with Heart

By Jane Whitttington on December 5, 2017

For Shannon Cohen, her business isn’t just a career, it’s a way to create a good, balanced, and affirming life for herself and others. Cohen, who received a Master’s Degree from Grand Valley State University in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, founded her company, Community Ventures, by taking a leap of faith soon after graduation. […]

A Day In The Life Justin Cook, COO of Pro:Up

By Benjamin Seidman on April 23, 2015

Detroit is a fascinating city which many professionals live in due to the wealth of growth opportunities, fresh starts, and swiftly emerging infrastructural resources. The day of a Detroit entrepreneur is far from normal without the abundance of resources that exist in a New York or a San Francisco. So, I followed around a native Detroiter to […]

How do you know when to make the leap from freelancing to a full time business? There’s a lot of decisions to weigh, including hiring employees, growing sales, renting an office, and the direction and mission of a company. For Andy Kopietz, his growing clientele in Detroit inspired him to launch Good Done Daily, a design firm […]

Proos Manufacturing: Going Strong After Nearly One Hundred Years

By Jane Whitttington on February 13, 2015

It was 1919 when Neal Proos started Proos Manufacturing as a maker of casket hardware. Today, close to 100 years later, the third generation is at the helm. Amy Proos is now CEO of a much bigger business than Neal Proos could have imagined. The company has over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, employs […]

Henry Balanon on Following an Entrepreneurial Path

By Yvelette Stines on January 19, 2015

Once the entrepreneurial spirit is in your soul, there is always an encouraging tug that directs you to develop innovative ways to pursue your dreams. This drive and passion is no different for Henry Balanon, Co-founder and CTO of Stratos, a company that has created an easier way to use credit cards and payments systems. […]

Invest Michigan announced yesterday an investment of $375,000 in four Michigan based early state tech companies. Invest Michigan was formed in 2014 to help early stage companies grow in the state, managing the state of Michigan’s pre-seed fund. The four companies are all working on  unique technological advancement in Michigan. Check them out below: Fusion […]

Carhartt Celebrates 125 Years with Local Makers

By Amanda Lewan on September 23, 2014

This year local maker Carhartt marks their 125th year in business. To celebrate, they’ve invited America’s makers to come and join them for a beer. They kicked off the celebration this week with New Holland Brewery at Ponyride, a makerspace in Detroit. The event was held in an old-fashioned camping style, and all types of employees from Carhartt’s Vice […]

Three PR Tips from Michigan Founder Jeffrey Lambert

By Amanda Lewan on April 30, 2014

At just 26 years old, Jeffrey Lambert started his company in the basement of his home growing Lambert, Edwards & Associates to a top-5 Midwest based public relations and investor relations agency. He now has over 100 clients based in 20 states and five countries. Their firm is headquartered in Grand Rapids with a location in […]

In 1993 Randy Rubin and her husband Craig Rubin went to work on creating a fabric that was both stylish and stain proof. Now, two decades later Crypton Fabric is used all over the world in restaurants and commercial settings. These past few months the company has began expanding their stain proof fabric for residential […]

At fourteen years old Nameh Grigsby remembers walking through the streets of the market in Liberia, West Africa, barefoot. On his arms he had lined up plastic bags all the way to his shoulders. He’d sell the plastic bags to anyone who listened. He’d also sell fried doughnuts made in their house nearby. He did […]

Why move from California to the Motor City? Scott Shepard, former Sales Lead at Yahoo, says he’s moving back to Detroit to join a great culture, and he’s bringing with him sales expertise invaluable to Detroit startups. The former MSU grad first left the state of Michigan after graduating with a Marketing degree to join […]

Start Garden Shifts, Q & A With Rick Devoss

By Amanda Lewan on September 12, 2013

It started with an idea: a strong startup ecosystem in Grand Rapids. Phase one was a Y Combinator like accelerator called Momentum that lasted three years in the city. But something was a little off, and Founder Rick Devoss noticed the ideas weren’t really flowing right. “A lot of the ideas we saw could have […]

5 Founder Tips from Brian Wong

By Amanda Lewan on August 1, 2013

It’s 6 a.m. and you’re beat tired but have to drive home. You start your car and receive a greeting, a reward perfectly tailored for the moment. Your coffee brand of choice, let’s say Tim Hortons, sends a gift to your mobile phone: a free coffee to help get you going at 6 a.m. This […]