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By Amanda Lewan on February 25th, 2016 / Comments

Marketing is often the last thing an early stage startup worries about, yet it can be a key factor to helping you get your product into the marketplace.

If you don’t brand a product or service, how can you customer relate? How can you communicate your value, and stand out among competitors?

Brand Buds, a new branding firm in Grand Rapids, has launched specifically to serve those in the startup world. The idea was born out of a real need. Greg Palazzolo, a top designer and branding expert, had crossed paths with Thomas Coke who was working on developing his own brand for his college crowdfunding site called Campus Starter.

“This was so appealing to me was because I’ve seen so many companies go to market with terrible branding,” Coke said. As a lawyer, Thomas had been instrumental in the crowdfunding sector working on bills for the Michigan Crowdfund Laws past several years ago. He previously worked for VerifyValid, a startup which sold last February. Now, he’s excited to be the development director for Brand Buds.

The branding they offer is design focused, helping a startup to create their identity and including everything from a logo, website, business card, flyer, etc. They aim to be affordable and flexible too.

“One cool twist is that we are working with banks to help finance the branding, as well as offering lower cost packages to make the whole process easy and affordable,” he said. “We have relationships with banks who provide micro loans to help if they need financing too.”

Thomas’ partner Gregg is known as one of the top branding experts in the country. Recently, they were able to help clients stand out and showcase thier brand successfully on the national television show Shark Tank.

“My biggest advice is you have to think about branding. Have intentional thought around it. Use a professional person to help you do that. Don’t just buy a logo online, it won’t get you too far when you go to market,” Coke said.

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