Avenue for the Arts Unites Artists and Entrepreneurs

By Mayra Monroy on February 17th, 2016 / Comments

Grand Rapids’ Heartside neighborhood is home to diverse businesses, one of the city’s central points for art and community. For several businesses located along the South Division commercial corridor, connecting the community through events, workshops, and art are vital factors in the revival of the Heartside.

For Avenue for the Arts, or AveArts, the common outcome for the organization is to provide a safe, sustainable, and creative community for upcoming artists, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Supported by the Dwelling Place, a key organization in the development and providing of affordable housing in Heartside neighborhood, the organization has created positive change in the community.

Collaboration is a key component in AveArts. Through collaborating with other community organizations, AveArts is able to bring productive and thought-provoking workshops and panels that not only unite local artists, entrepreneurs, and residents, but also moves to revitalize one of Grand Rapids larger neighborhoods. By focusing on projects such as providing affordable housing, listening to community concerns, and investing in the local art scene, AveArts has come a long way in the past few years.

In its third year, AveArts event, “Break it Down, Make it Better” will take place on February 20. The event is a collaboration between AveArts, ArtPrize, and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. Each year, the event brings together the community to discuss the impact of art in their businesses, lives, and community.

“How are artists shaping Grand Rapids?” How is art shaping Heartside?

Break it Down, Make it Better poses this question, with an event that is set to feature ten separate discussions, panels, and small workshops that will explore how art is shaping the community. Though the day will cover a variety of topic, some include building a social media market, creating engaging and dynamic events, proposal writing, building your brand, and more.

The event will take place at the UICA, located on 2 Fulton West in Grand Rapids. The event is $35 for nonmembers and is taking place on February 20. For more information, please visit their website or email AveArts at avenueforthearts@gmail.com.

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