Avatar Design House Creates a Home for Sustainable Art and Creatives

By Lauren Ebelt on April 28th, 2014 / Comments

To define the Avatar Design House/Knowmad Gallery (ADH/K) into a few words is surprisingly easy for all of the purposes it has. But, at it’s heart, it really boils down to one thing: sustainable art.

ADH/K was founded in 2004 by Brad Kopek. The intention of the start-up was to be more than just an art gallery — but a place that would grow and adapt with the customers and the market it was in. Thus began a rather extensive art project, one that spanned from 2007 to 2010 when Kopek purchased a 1950s ranch in Bloomfield Township. The ranch is now home to, and the face of, ADH/K. It is both residence and gallery, sustainable and beautiful, and it really captures the mentality behind Kopek’s artwork.

digital lab 1
Digital Lab

“I started Avatar Design House to service artists and small design firms with fine art printing, art placement and design services,” Kopek said. “After dealing with so many artists and photographers that were making the transition from analog to digital, I realized that there was a huge gap in knowledge and quality because these artists simply didn’t have the language and training to service the market needs.”

Kopek took classes, went to seminars and conferences in order to “complete the loop” that he found was missing. The result was the tagline of the venture: personal, creative, vision. Now he’s created a place that helps artists create their own visions. Under the gallery, there is the ADH Digital Lab for digital uploading and editing large prints. They also allow artists to host talks and workshops, and can takeover the site for a more private work experience.

Kopek himself works with a variety of clients — which include interior designers, representatives of commercial projects, health care facilities and private clients — to create pieces of art that mix nature and humanity.


Outside of the home
Outside of the home

But there is more to the art than just the beauty or the craftsmanship, it also lies within the house. Elegant and photo-worthy in its own right, the house is sustainable with LED lighting, soy-based spray foam for insulation and efficient heating and cooling throughout the house. It is within the Knowmad Gallery that Kopek’s designs are located. See more of the space, and the art within it, here.

There is much thought and care put into Kopek’s work, even down to where he finds his inspiration. Kopek proclaims himself as a “research nut” and a “information nerd,” constantly traveling to find the passion within life. It isn’t just the food, the national parks, the buildings or the music of an area that inspires him — it is simply the world around him.

“Always be in the mindset [of looking for inspiration] the entire time you are traveling, always ready for the appearance of something great, not simply waiting to arrive somewhere,” Kopek said.

His art can be found on the recently-launched online gallery. The pieces include both framed and non-framed objects that range from photography to mixed media pieces.

For artists and creatives, learn more about how ADH can help you. Read more about the Avatar Design House/Knowmad Gallery.

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