Advice on Starting Up from Techonomy’s Josh Kampel

By Amanda Lewan on September 2nd, 2014 / Comments

Techonomy is coming to Detroit on September 16th and will focus on how technology and entrepreneurship can impact the economy.

While last year’s event brought up many points for founders to consider, we thought about diving deeper into the organization itself. How did Techonomy get started and what advice can they share for Michigan founders?

Josh Kampel President of Technomy shares with us a bit of his own entrepreneurial experiences. Josh has spent years in senior positions in marketing and product development both in digital media and the finance technology industries. So, when he joined Techonomy in 2012 it seemed like a great fit.

How did you get started with Techonomy? Why start a media site dedicated to technology?

I came on two years ago after launching a couple of technology startups to help the Founder David Kirkpatrick really build out and scale the business.

The company was founded really as an events business. David was the Tech Editor of Fortune and he began an event called Fortune Brainstorm. Initally, it was founded as a once a year retreat for leaders to convene and talk about the impact of tech and innovation on business and society. What we’ve evolved to now is an integrated media company which gives us the opportunity to serve more beyond events.

What sort of media does this include? Why do you still feature print media too?

While we have our events we also do publish editorial and video on a daily business as well as author a bi-weekly a newsletter. We actually just took an interesteing step back into print. We’re now printing a publication. The second one will come out in November. Obviously in digital there’s a lot of “noise” and print is a great way to cut through the digtial.

Do you have any advice or insights for those startups in media/publishing?

I think it’s really important to understand your audience. That’s sometimes as creators of content you want to go and just create more content and what matters to you, but it’s more important to understand who you are trying to reach and how you’re consuming content and the type of content they want to consume.

Your audience helps define the business. If you’re looking to make it a business, you’re then really trying to align your editoral vision, your audience, and delivering value to your advertisers and partners. That’s where it becomes tricky.

What should our audience be excited about most for this Fall’s Detroit Techonomy?

Everytime we come back to Detroit we just love the energy we see. The people coming back like Jack Dorsey have been a huge supporter of the event. We think it’s exciting he’ll be interviewed on stage by the new CIO of Detroit Beth Niblock. We’ve brought together really a great, diverse, and international speaker list to come into Detroit to talk about the issues and opportunities our cities are facing.

We are currently planning to continue next year as an annual event. Although we have tech in our name it is not an event only for technology. It looks at the big picture: how is tech and innovation impacting our lives?

Great to hear from Techonomy. Check out 18 ideas from last year’s event as well as other fall events happening in Detroit.

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