A Statewide Gathering for Michigan Inventors

By Amanda Lewan on August 22nd, 2013 / Comments

Did you know there’s an active group of inventors across the state? They aren’t just hiding in labs, co-working spaces, or large companies. They attend meetups each month to share ideas, resources, and highlight new products invented in Michigan.

There are eleven inventor networks in the state all a part of the Michigan Inventors Coalition, though many are smaller and still launching. The groups meet monthly at different cities, including Grand Rapids, Flint, Muskegon, and a recently formed Detroit group. In September they’re coming together for their very first Michigan Inventors Coalition, a day for all Michigan inventors.

This group is for all types of creative and innovators, but it’s especially helpful for anyone looking to learn how to take a product to the market.

“Inventors all across the board come, from young moms working on baby toy inventions, all the way to physicists,” said David Fedewa, an active member who’s behind the big conference.

The meetup is a way for inventors to share their story and what they’ve learned about launching a product. The group is already seeing some successes come out of their meetups. The oldest group in Flint had a member create an innovative box cutter that can never cut anyone who uses it. David described the product as a hit so far in the marketplace.

David is a marketer by day and an inventor by night. He loves the group because it helps empower the inventor to create.

“Innovation is going to be what drive’s Michigan’s economy,” said David. “How the inventors are coming together, that is what will set the foundation for our future.”

It also helps grow a movement to support local by inventing local goods, manufacturing local goods, and working with local talent in Michigan.

“There’s all of these men and women who want to keep jobs in Michigan. They’re going to want to build it in Michigan, ship it from Michigan, and sell it to people around the world,” said David. “Invention is the foundational base for the economy.”

September Event: The Michigan Inventors Coalition

In September, all of the Michigan inventors will gather for their first conference in Lansing. Successful inventors are coming from all over the country to speak and share their knowledge. They’ll have a pitch competition and a panel of investors in a “shark tank” type event.

Check out the Michigan Inventors Coalition conference on September 4th, and find a meetup near you.

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