A New Reader: Novi Lets You Follow The Story

By Amanda Lewan on November 8th, 2013 / Comments

Like most of us who read online, Noah Yeh felt frustrated shifting through all of the noise.

Blogs, twitter feeds, dozens of publications to read, how can you follow the story? Noah had spent his recent work days leading social products at Yahoo when the idea came to him to launch a new type of news reader. The Novi app (pronounced – Novee) works as a better way to read stories online.

“It takes a lot more time for people to go through a news reader. We wanted to create a new structure to make it more efficient,” says Noah.

Noah just graduated from the first class of Coolhouse Labs, bringing his Co-founder Inggrid Yonta to Michigan.  Inggrid adds a further understanding of the news from a journalist perspective, having worked at NBC News in Chicago.

The idea and user experience is simple. Users glance through the latest headlines, choosing which stories they’d like to follow. The timeline inside the app is curated news coverage. A user can then get updates on stories they care about from national news sources. Eventually, local news outlets will be added too.

“We did the research. On average if you are reading Wall Street Journal or CNN you have to go through an average of 100 articles to find what you’re interested in,” says Noah. “For us, you are following the story you want. Every piece of information will be what you are passionate about.”

The Novi app launched last week for the iPhone and has nearly 10,000 downloads, by the time I spoke with Noah late Tuesday afternoon. That’s pretty impressive.

Check out the app right now and share your feedback with Noah as they continue to grow and provide a simpler way to read online. Check out the rest of the graduating class from Coolhouse Labs.

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