A New Program For Social Entrepreneurs

By Amanda Lewan on February 14th, 2014 / Comments

Every company has a social impact, but those we refer to as “social entrepreneurs” bake this into their business model, communicate it clearly, and use it to grow a business.

Think about Chalkfly, the company that gives back to teachers, or The Empowerment Plan who creates coats for the homeless and hires them to work at their company. In Michigan, we’re seeing these entrepreneurs begin to form more socially minded businesses.

For those getting started, there’s a new D:hive BUILD Social class available. The BUILD class is an eight week project planning and small business class that has helped turn out new businesses in Detroit. BUILD Social will provide similar business training with a focus for social enterprises.

“The demand for the BUILD classes is high and we were looking to add more offerings,” said April Boyle, Director of Small Business Initiatives at D:hive Detroit. “There is a gap in the market for this type of social enterprise focused course. It made sense to develop something new and more focused for this sector.”

The program defines social entrepreneurship as the following: Social entrepreneurship is any pursuit of a social mission using commercial means. Some local examples include The Empowerment Plan, Fresh Corner Cafe, Colors Detroit, Patronicity, Reclaim Detroit, The Social Club Grooming Company, and many more.

The class are affordable, based on one’s income and usually starting at around $200 for the semester.

BUILD classes are hugely popular, so if you’re interested you’ll want to apply soon. You can find more information on the class online here. The applications are open until February 24th.

If all goes, well the BUILD Social program will continue with sessions twice per year in the Spring and Fall.

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